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Automotive Industry

Since the starting in 1860s, the automotive industry has made breakthroughs in innovation and technologies, many of which in the automotive sector has led directly to the development of manufacturing process.


In recent years, significant increases in the automation of automotive production has been shaped because of the advances in design, robotics, and manufacturing processes. CNC Machining is one of the most important technology in the transformation of auto making.


As a computer-controlled manufacturing process,CNC Machining is capable of producing highly precise parts from metals and plastics. CNC machines come in a variety of configurations, such as 3-axis and 4-axis and even more, which enable variable degrees of complexity. The concentration of our Automotive machining is the connection parts used in Fuel pipe,engine,exhaust system,etc. We make the precise high pressure fuel rail connector used in BWM N20 system for 5 years,with the better finish effect than Germany competitors.


Advantages of CNC Machining for Automotive Applications

In the automotive industry, since the manufacturers across the globe are seeking the best way, CNC machining has been well adopted with it’s process’ many perks,including automation,speed,repeatability, just to name a few.


Energy Industry

The power industry here we wish to introduce is the wind power industry. We provide the CNC machining services for the precise parts used in the wind power,for example the bolts,bushings of various different sizes,materials used is mainly stainless steel,also machining services for the precise washers used in the wind power industry. We control the quality by CMM, projector under the IATF 16949 system.



Medical Industry

Yitong Machinery provides-Machined Components as required for various medical applications. The main services we provide is the small to medium size parts machining,which are used for the medical instruments and other equipment. The materials used for medical applications are usually stainless steel,titanium,and a lot of plastics.


Electrical Industry

Electrical industry is a very large range.we take air-conditioning as the example to introduce you our CNC machining service in this industry, which is one small part of the electrical industry. Yitong Machinery provides the precise pipe for the famous refrigerate manufacturer in China since a few years ago,and screw pipe are used in many of the refrigerate systems around China.


Aerospace Industry


Yitong Machinery serves both defense and commercial aerospace customers. Our commitment to continuous improvement, on time delivery support and overall quality support the industry requirements.

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