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The difference between polished and non-polished drill bits in machining centers

Machining centers use the most drills, and drilling and milling machines and small bench drills use a lot. There are many things to say about the use of drills in these machine tools, and the processing level on the market is getting higher and higher. There is considerable investment and research and development work in this area, and many new products are constantly coming out. One of them is to polish the surface of the drill bit. Many people don't know whether this technology is good or not. Let's introduce it in detail below.

The technical advantage of drill surface polishing is about 10 times that of the current level. Why would you say that? Using the current magnification technology to observe the surface of the drill bit, you will find that there are many scratches, many traumas, and potholes. If this kind of rotor is used continuously, it will cause more damage due to the expansion of surface trauma. On the surface, the drill bit looks rough and not smooth, and the actual service life will decrease. If we use a method to repair the surface wounds and stop expanding them, life expectancy will be greatly extended.

Facts have proved that the drill bit life of this method is about 10 to 15 times that of ordinary drill bits. The price is only increased by 30%. It is absolutely necessary to use special rotors to improve processing efficiency. There is a scientific experiment where the machining center is rotating the steel parts at high speed. It can last for six minutes and is the highest speed at the highest speed without any damage. The current market sales have proved its quality with data, and the sales of other products that do not use the new technology are obvious. decline. Enterprises should work harder on new techniques and methods, only in this way can they open up market sales and create a better tomorrow.


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