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What is CNC machining?


The arrangement of CNC machining sequence should be considered according to the structure of the parts and the condition of the blank, as well as the need for positioning and clamping, and the key point is that the rigidity of the workpiece is not damaged. The sequence shall generally follow the following principles:

1. The CNC processing of the previous process cannot affect the positioning and clamping of the next process, and it should also be comprehensively considered if there is a universal machine tool processing process interspersed between them.

2. The internal shape and cavity shall be processed first, and then the external shape shall be processed.

3. The CNC machining process with the same positioning and clamping method or the same tool should be connected to reduce the number of repeated positioning, tool change and moving press plate. 
4. For multiple processes carried out in the same installation, the process with small rigid damage to the workpiece shall be arranged first.


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