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Different ways of machining precision hardware parts.


As long as it is in the hardware industry for many years, we know that precision hardware parts processing is mainly divided into CNC Turning, cold pier processing, powder metallurgy processing, continuous die cooling, extrusion processing, precision stamping parts these six ways. But each way in processing problems are different, for example, CNC Turning, CNC Turning parts of high precision, but only suitable for a small amount of parts processing; Cold heading processing and powder metallurgy processing have a common problem is that the precision of processed parts is generally low, and the cost of mold production is high, which leads to the factor of audience; Look at the continuous die, cold extrusion processing and precision stamping parts, they have a common, is very fast and high precision, continuous die cold extrusion processing can be produced at the fastest rate of more than 350 per minute, and high precision parts, products can control the tolerance of plus or minus 2mm, even product strength is very high, It can reach 2-3 times the strength of the raw materials of the product. However, it is necessary to explain that the cost of the mold is on the high side, which needs careful consideration.

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